Sextoymart – The Big Online Store for Sex Toys in India


2018 was the year when we came up with a new idea of spreading sexual wellness through sex toys in India. We did not think of building a castle. It was a small room where we started with four heads. We thought about bringing something new that could change people’s minds. It was sexual wellness which we had in mind, and we found this to be the need of the hour.

We gave a gentle start. A lot of things were there in our minds. We anticipated some challenges that might affect our journey. Despite all odds, we took the high road. With just two products, we started, and there was no turning back. We were finally an online store and named it, Sextoymart.


Where are We Today?

Five years have been a long time, and we have experienced a massive development. Today, Sextoymart:

  • Deals in over 1200 products
  • Offers products in multiple categories
  • Spreads services across all corners of India
  • Owns a long chain of customers
  • Keeps products of the highest quality


We Aim for Sexual Health and Wellness – No Commercialization

Everyone comes with a big dream, and so we had one. We knew starting a venture with usual items would be more competitive to survive in this rat race. Hence, we decided to deal with adult products in India. Of course, we aimed at making people’s sex life easier, and there were so many items that could make it. But why we came up with sex toys??

With a sex toy:
  • Sex is enjoyable and fun-filled
  • No embarrassment even if you take time for arousal
  • No expectations and continuous action
  • You feel realistic bodies like humans have
  • You find it easy to clean, preserve, and reuse
  • You will have it ready all the time to meet your needs


We Talked with Happy Buyers

Sextoymart arranged an interactive session with two regular buyers of sex toys – Mr. Avinash Kumar and Mr. Suraj Mahato. These buyers have been actively since 2019 shopping at our store. We were happy to hear some good reasons why they have been living on sex toys for 4 years.

Mr. Kumar said, “There is a big difference between your finger and a toy. You know your touch; you are aware of it. But your private parts die to get an unknown touch; here is where I feel a sex toy does this job perfectly. I have stopped using my hands for masturbation because the day I started playing with a masturbating toy, I knew nothing could be ultimate than this. You will never know its magic unless it touches the right point.”

Mr. Mahato came up with a different perspective. According to him, “I always ensure that even if my performance lasts for 10 minutes, I need to enjoy those ten minutes completely. There should be no gap, no repentance, no discomfort, and no complaints. I have tried watching adult videos and nude magazines for arousal, but things did not work. But the day I wore a cock ring, I didn’t turn back. It was so pleasing, so real as if someone is restless to give me an erection.”


Why Choose Us: Leading Online Sex Toys Store in India

Our online sex toys store in India aims to bring the best sex toys in India and make one’s sex life worthwhile. So, we are here with a handful of reasons why one should choose us:


Safe & High-Quality Products

Our online sex toys store in India is serious with safety regulations. Hence, we keep such products that keep away all possibilities of skin complications or other health issues. We are strict about quality, and we never deliver used or degrading quality products.


Discreet Delivery

If you buy sex toys in India online, we at Sextoymart will keep your buying intentions confidential. Therefore, we pack the product discreetly so that there are no privacy issues or complaints from the customer. Our deliveries are all discreet, and we do not leave any product image or information on the parcel.


Customer Care Support

Our online sex toys store in India values nothing more than how we serve our customers. Every measure we take after receiving an order request, we sustain professionalism. We love to talk, solve queries, listen to people, and assist them with anything they ask for. We are available 24 x 7; a call, WhatsApp, or email can connect you with us.


Swift Delivery

Sextoymart is quick in delivering the right product at the right time. From the day you order, we fulfil your wish in 2 to 3 working days. We deliver at the exact location specified. Our courier service providers are, moreover, professional in making timely deliveries of sex toys in India.


Flexible Payment

The most sensitive part is handling payments and keeping customers safe. Sextoymart has all sorts of payment gateways open for everyone. We have UPI, online, and cash modes. So, one can proceed to pay through his debit/credit card, Payumoney or G-pay through smartphones, Cash on Delivery, etc.


Our Products Reactivate your Sexual Desires

Life is not so easygoing for all. One might be happy at work but not so at home. Well, there are many more reasons apart from stress and anxiety for failing to respond sexually. We believe everyone should look for a second chance to bring back happiness to their bedrooms.

Keeping this thought in mind, we have got several sex toys in India for several needs.


For the Men:

The male libido has always been a different story in comparison to the female one. So, our online sex toys store in India has brought plenty of sex toys for men to explore and experiment with

Take a look at a few of our trendy picks:


Spider Sower Masturbator

Masturbation is fun when you take up a toy. Likewise, if you are going for the spider sower masturbator, you can expect your genitals to go crazy. This soft-skin vagina-enabled masturbator gives men a new reason to fall in love with their solo sessions.


Male Stroker

Stroking becomes fun when you keep going without any hindrance. The male stroker allows men to do so because these male sex toys in India are known for their realistic shapes and designs. With a male stroker, many men have gained confidence in their performance.


Silicone Love Doll

Sextoymart has the best sex dolls, and nothing can beat this. The silicone love dolls we have tend to speak their hearts out because they look so realistic. Since these are silicone bodies, they don’t sense differently from the human touch.


For the Women:

Girls hate suspense in bed. Rather, they love breaking the suspense by trying something new with their partners or alone. Sextoymart has some cool sex toys for women in India that would work well for the female libido. Take a quick look:


G-spot vibrator

We asked many women whether they were keen to take up a vibrator to locate and tickle their G-spot. The majority was positive and took interest. Such is the magic of a G-spot vibrator that lets women have unmatched fun. So, in our list, this surely tops the list.


Rabbit Vibrator

When you play with a rabbit, you give quality time. It’s the same with a rabbit vibrator that gives women the perk of dual stimulation. Experts say that single girls are crazy for these sex toys in India. Most of these come into play when women desire to play alone in bed.


Glass Dildo

Vaginal penetration needs no explanation. Every woman loves it like anything, and when you take a glass dildo in hand, this turns out of the world. Solos get better when one applies a bit of heat to it and get going.


For the Couples:

Plenty of stores in India today deal with couple sex toys. But the collection we have for the partners is mind-blasting. Couples keep expecting more against one another in bed, and when it somehow fails, disappointments pop up.

On this thought, we take pleasure in bringing exclusive couple sex toys in India. Take a look:


Anal Dildo

There were times when anal sex was not a very friendly approach to couples. Today, toys like anal dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs have made things so easy and hassle-free. The anal dildo is different and assures full-proof safety for couples in bed.



The magic of strap-on continues. The 21st century is witnessing many couples coming up with these erotic accessories. Although it’s a blast from the past, couples of different genders and even similar ones use these extensively.


App-controlled Vibrator

Smartphones have altered the concept of communicating across borders. The app-controlled vibrator, however, is more sensational as it connects two people to indulge in a world of naughtiness. With a smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, these couple sex toys in India are making couples unite without limitations.


Last Words

Sextoymart believes that a bed sex life is not the end of the world. If you are positive and keen to work on it, we are there for you. Talk to us, and we might help you meet your private needs. Browse our website and place an order for your desired sex toys in India. We will bring it to you with a happy heart.

Let’s get more playful and allow our happiness to cross limits!