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How did We start?

With the objective that life has to be good and better every day, we here at Sextoymart came up with an idea. We made it a point to go online and make the life of thousands beautiful. No, it was not through therapies or capsules but through some great health and wellness products. Yes, we thought of selling sex toys in India for a change.

Sextoymart flagged off in 2010 with new hopes and expectations. We aimed to alluring people from all over Kolkata and gradually shifted our focus to other cities. It was not easy for us as we predicted some challenges. Fortunately, we received great responses and that also from diverse genders. Things looked good, and we took the high road finally!


Why Buy Adult Sex Toys in India Online from Sextoymart?

Amidst multiple online stores for adult sex toy in India, Sextoymart certainly has an X-factor. For this, you need to know the reasons that would certainly convince you to shop here willingly.

Let’s have a look:

Quality is Unquestionable

Checking a product’s quality is mandatory before you make any purchase, offline or online. In this respect, our products keep no question of quality. Since we are against keeping toys made with harsh chemicals, we assure complete safety for one’s sex life.

Variety is Unmatched

We believe in making people achieve what they want. Hence, we keep an impressive variety that never leaves people asking for more. The type we have here includes everything for everyone. Depending on day-to-day sexual challenges, we keep products accordingly in our store.

Price is Unbeatable

Sextoymart is aware of people’s buying power. Keeping this in mind, we have made cheap sex toys in India available for one and all. So, if you want to buy cheap sex toys in India, our online store will be the right platform. Remember, our sex toy price in India is always economical. So, before buying, if you are concerned about the cost of sex toys online, Sextoymart is there for you.

Shopping is Unbelievable

The most crucial thing an online buyer expects from sex toys online shopping in India is convenience. Yes, we make people shop from our sex toy store with ease and pleasure. One can tell us about the product through a call, email, or WhatsApp. Once we get the request, we will take no time to process the order. Even when it comes to payment or delivery, we leave no one disappointed. Also, you don’t need to worry about our sex toy prices in India.


How to Shop for Adult Toys in India Online from Sextoymart?

It’s a pleasure for us here at Sextoymart to let you shop for adult toys in India with the utmost convenience. No matter in which city, town, village, or road you are, we will let you enjoy sex toys online shopping in India.

If you are 18 years or above, you are welcome to place an order from our store. So, the following ways are applicable for you to place an order at Sextoymart:

Order through Our Website

Sextoymart is happy to have you anytime. Once you visit our website, you can always place an order and add items to our cart. When everything is done, you can check out for payment smoothly. Even the payment modes we have are flexible. Altogether, the entire shopping process from our end is plain and simple.


Order through Call/ Email/ WhatsApp

Sextoymart has other ways to accept your order. Apart from ordering from our store directly, you can always reach us at our contact number. Our sales executives will attend to you and serve you instantly. Also, you can always email us by stating the details of the product which you want to order. Alternatively, you can message us on WhatsApp with your order details.


Top Adult Toys in India as per Sextoymart

Sextoymart enlists some popular adult products in India that deserve mention for sure. The following toys and accessories fall in the category of best sex toys in India as per their sales record in 2022:


Bullet Vibrator

Among the female sex toys in India, bullet vibrators are always in the limelight. Women love playing with these due to their dual stimulation power. What makes these sex toys in India for women magical is their ability for clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. A solo session without a bullet vibrator is just unimaginable.

Why is a Bullet Vibrator Popular?

  • Dual orgasmic ability
  • Compact in size
  • Amazing stimulating power
  • Best for solo and foreplay


Spider Sower Masturbator

Just ask a man if he wants to masturbate in some other way, and he will take no time to grab this idea. The spider sower masturbator is an outstanding alternative to the typical masturbation process. As it comes in a torch-like shape, it fits nicely in grip. So, using these sex toys for men in India is fun as it comes with a soft-skin vagina.

Why is a Spider Sower Masturbator Popular?

  • Amazing stroking ability
  • Feels good while inserting
  • Easy to hold and play
  • Hands-free masturbation


Anal Dildo

Some couples are crazy about anal sex. According to experts, couples get the highest level of satisfaction from anal dildos. Since anal sex demands safety, these dildos ensure safety. As these have narrow tips, they are easy and safe to insert.

Why is an Anal Dildo Popular?

  • It makes anal penetration safer
  • Easy to grip and insert
  • Ideal for couples during foreplay
  • Made of skin-friendly material for doubling safety


Male Stroker

male stroker is a fantastic erotic device that gives men the real feel of stroking a girl. These sex toys for men in India are designed perfectly to let men stroke to the heart’s content. Superior in quality, these male sex toys in India are ideal for solos. The next time you think of masturbating in style, go for a male stroker.

Why is a Male Stroker Popular?

  • Realistic shape
  • Strokes with pleasure
  • Safe to use
  • Soft artificial vagina


Vibrating Massager

There is no alternative to an erotic massage. So, when you take a vibrating massager, you are sure to have a wonderful experience. These are top-quality massagers that assure pure bliss for the user. As these sex toys for females come with a vibrating motor, the user will have unforgettable moments. With these sex toys for women in India, no harm is caused to the clitoris.

Why is a Vibrating Massager Popular?

  • Massages safely on the clit
  • Stimulates the vagina well
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Leaves women orgasmic in no time


App Control Vibrator

Distance creates barriers. But this time, it won’t be so. The app control vibrators are incredible in making couples play from miles. These vibrators come compact and are designed so stylishly. Take your purse and carry it to any place you wish.

Why is an App Control Vibrator Popular?

  • Comprises a lifelike vagina
  • Smooth to insert
  • Easy to penetrate
  • Effortless to clean


Electro Sex Toy

Electricity is one of the most powerful aspects of sex. Hence, the electro-sex toy is ideal in this regard as here comes the electro-sex toy for massive fun in bed. Easy to use and safe to play with, these female sex toys in India have been popularized both among singles and couples.

Why is an Electro Sex Toy Popular?

  • Safe to use
  • Emits electrical impulses
  • No tough controls
  • Advanced mechanism


Cock Ring

If you think erection is the most significant blockage in a man’s sex life, a cock ring will not let it happen. These sex toys for men in India are simple to wear and prove to be quite effective. Sextoymart has come up with a fantastic range of cock rings among the male sex toys in India.

Why is a Cock Ring Popular?

  • Easy to wear around the penis base
  • Stirs the penis well
  • This leads to a faster erection
  • Safe to use


Inflatable Love Doll

Have you ever seen an inflatable love doll in bed? Sextoymart brings this opportunity for you to play with this realistic sex doll. These sex toys in India for women are just like hot sexy girls with realistic body parts. Made of silicone, these sex dolls are a pleasure to watch and play with.

Why is the Inflatable Love Doll Popular?

  • Easy to inflate
  • Made of silicone
  • Nice private parts
  • Skin-type complexion


Frequently Answered Questions

Sextoymart answers a few questions that have been commonly asked by buyers in the last six months. Have a look:


How to buy sex toys in India?

If you are looking forward to buying sex toys in India, visit our online store, Sextoymart. You can choose to shop here from our store directly or can, call us or email or send a request on WhatsApp. Once we take the order, we will deliver it to the customer’s address.

Where to buy adult toys in India?

You can buy the best adult toys in India online at Sextoymart. We not only provide you with top-quality products but also brings a unique variety. We have different toys for different purposes as well as for different genders. The price of sex toys in India we have is also quite economical.

How to order adult products in India?

Ordering adult products in India can be done best online. Sextoymart is our online sex toys store where you can order sex toys and deliver them to your doorstep. We assure discreet delivery of male sex toys and sex toys for women in India.

Is it legal to sell sex toys in India?

In India, you can sell health and wellness products online. Hence, people find it safer to buy these also. So, an online store would be the best and safest option in this regard, whether you choose to buy sex toys for males or sex toys for females in India.

Where can I get adult sex products in India?

You can buy adult sex products in India online from Sextoymart. You can be anywhere in India and still place an order for your preferred adult product at this online store. Furthermore, the price of sex toys in India we set is within one’s budget.

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Joy B.
Cream is highly beneficial
The penis enlargement cream is highly beneficial. It is high in nutrients which makes the cream get absorbed into my skin. I have added it to my daily routine. It comes in a tube that is easy to use.
Moderated on 02/25/2023.
Pradip H.
Too good, the vibes are awesome
I have the longest hour of pleasure with this brilliant pair of cock rings. The amazing rings vibrate and make me moan with the growing pleasure. I have experienced prolonged erection by wearing this brilliant pair of rings.
Moderated on 02/25/2023.
Siddharth P.
Sleeve makes me better
Superior silicone sleeve gives a comfortable and soft finishing. The sleeve was delivered to my doorstep within few days of ordering. The sleeve is so effective that it adds length and girth to my penis. Now my penetrative sessions became better due to this sleeve.
Moderated on 02/25/2023.
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