Penis Extender Sleeve

Our online adult toys store offers silicone penis extender sleeves in India which are the solution for men suffering from penile dysfunction. This sleeve is a cure for various sexual dysfunctions. The sleeve is worn on the penis like a male condom giving men a hard and long penis. It is safe and non-toxic.

The sleeve is ultra-soft and has a vibrator built into it. The vibrator provides sensational stimulation, further providing prostate massage to men and reducing their stress. The toy is compact and also light in weight. The penis sleeve is durable and flexible as well.

Why are silicone penis extender sleeves in India effective?

India's silicone penis extender sleeves in India are highly effective in aiding penile dysfunctions. Moreover, it plays a brilliant role in increasing the length and girth of the penis. Furthermore, the penis undergoes intense stimulation and prepares men for a perfect climax. The penis sleeve is fully waterproof and provides a better session.