Moon Period Cup

The reusable menstrual cup for women in India is a saviour. It is made of 100% FDA and superior-quality silicone. It is the most helpful product for women who prefer using something other than sanitary napkins. This cup is highly flexible to use and leakproof. At our online sex toys store you can get this amazing product.

Sanitary napkins often lead to various infections and foul odours. Moon period cup is the most effective solution to all these problems. No more need to spend tons of money on sanitary napkins. The cup holds 30ml of liquid.

How to Reuse menstrual cups for women in India?

You can wear this cup for up to 12 hours without any hassle. Cleaning the cup is also very easy. Pour out the liquid and wash the cup with clean water, and you are ready to wear the cup again. It is made of safe, non-toxic chemicals, which makes it skin-friendly. It can hold three times more liquid than tampons.